Panoptic Automation Solutions

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About Us

Panoptic Automation Solutions Ltd. (Panoptic) is an innovative technology company committed to providing our customers business solutions -with a focus on improving operational effectiveness.

With well over 100 years of automation engineering, design, and support expertise, Panoptic has successfully delivered over 350 projects, both brownfield and greenfield. Control systems, SCADA, and network solutions have been a part of Panoptic’ssuccess for many years and we take pride in understanding our client’s facilities and specific needs –allowing our clients to be stronger competitors in todays aggressive markets.

What We Do

With well over 100 years of automation engineering design and support expertise, Panoptic Automation Solutions has successfully delivered over 300 projects, both brownfield and greenfield with a large majority within a lump sum program. Specification development, system designs, and automation/controls engineering as our core focus, Panoptic Automation Solutions takes pride in understanding our clients facilities and their specific needs to be a stronger competitor in todays aggressive markets. Our commitment to quality and customer relationships have provided the foundation to supply many of our customers lump sum project solutions, guaranteeing cost certainty and delivery schedules. Performing System Evaluations provide both our clients and Panoptic Automation Solutions staff the data required to deliver in confident project and service solutions best suited to their overall needs




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