Panoptic Automation Solutions strives to complete every project to the highest quality while meeting our client schedule and budget needs.

Our engineering projects include brownfield and greenfield control system projects, where we specify, design, and procure control panels, to projects with more extensive electrical scope. Panoptic Automation’s experienced engineers can develop single line diagrams, motor schematics, cable schedules, instrument layout drawings, cause & effect diagrams or any other process required. We also develop comprehensive electrical construction work packages for electrical contractors. Our work packages start with drawings and scope of work right up to full wiring of process or control buildings and entire sites.

Whatever the project requirements, we work within our clients’ standards to create the highest quality engineering solution possible.




Optimization is a key factor to ensuring existing equipment operates smoothly and efficiently. As a result, optimization has a significant impact on reducing costs, increasing reliability and overall better operability. Panoptic Automation has a proven track record in uncovering inefficiencies and implementing methods to provide value to our clients.



Remote Support

Rapid changes in workforce demographics and industry technology has made it extremely expensive and time consuming to attract top talent with extensive experience to remote site projects.




Panoptic Automation Solutions ensures alarms meet the requirements defined or set forth by the alarm philosophy.

Today’s control systems make it very easy to add alarms, sometimes resulting in redundant or nuisance alarms. At Panoptic Automation, we implement the correct paper work process and alarm philosophy to ensure critical alarms lead to efficient decision making and maximum safety. Our rationalization process clearly defines alarm aspects such as severity or class, set-point, hysteresis and deadband.