Remote Support

Rapid changes in workforce demographics and industry technology has made it extremely expensive and time consuming to attract top talent with extensive experience to remote site projects.

Panoptic Automation’s support technology can solve those problems for remote access sites or large scale facilities. We leverage existing technologies to achieve the same level of support for our customers as if we were right there with a field operator, panel operator or maintenance technician.

Our highly trained technicians introduce themselves to your staff, perform a full site audit, review and red-line all existing infrastructure, drawings and control systems. We also take backups of your control system to ensure we have everything required to provide you with full support.

All information gathered is then securely stored and only accessible to team members working directly with you. Whether the remote station is accessed from our offices or yours, you can feel safe knowing we have you covered.

Panoptic Automation can reduce the costs and risks associated with attracting and retaining new field personnel while providing you with the level of support you need.